Using candles to heat?

Don´t forget the basic safety rules!‎

Using candles to heat? Don´t forget the basic safety rules!‎

Brussels (10 October 2022) – In view of the approaching cold season and exploding energy prices, people are creative when it comes to having it warm and cozy at home. One of these ideas is to use tealights or other candles to heat. There are even instructions available online for how to build a tealight ‘oven’ with parts you can buy at your local do-it-yourself store, such as a clay flowerpot to position above the tealights in order to store the heat.

The main reasons to use tealights are illumination and to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. But they do also emit heat, although the effect on the room temperature is much lower than that of the regular heating of course. If you want to use candles to support your heating, please do not forget about the basic safety rules, however. You will find them here.

Please keep the following rules in mind in particular:

  • Never leave burning candles unattended and keep them away from children and pets.
  • Keep candles away from things that can catch fire.
  • Always use a heat resistant base to put the candles on.
  • Keep enough distance between individual candles and to items beside or above the candles. This includes e.g. the flowerpot of a tealight ‘oven’, as it can get very hot or even crack if it is too close. The safe distance between candles can be found on the label.
  • Do only use a reasonable number of candles for the size of the room and briefly ventilate the room afterwards. Candles consume oxygen and produce humidity.
  • Never use water or another liquid to extinguish candles.

Please avoid a setup like showed in the picture for safety reasons.

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