Full Members

Full members can be

  • any company producing candles in a country belonging to Europe geographically. In case ‎of companies that produce candles in and outside of Europe, only the legal entity or entities in ‎Europe can be a full member, or
  • any trade association representing the candle industry’s interest at national or regional level ‎in geographical Europe.‎

The conditions are that the company ‎

Membership can only be acquired by the entire corporation including affiliated companies as ‎far as these fulfil the membership requirements.

The annual membership fees of full members (candle manufacturers) depend on the company´s turnover with candles and relevant candle accessories. They can range between 1.200 EUR at a turnover of 0,96 Mio. EUR and 22.500 EUR at a turnover of 45,625 Mio. EUR.

The annual membership fees of full members (trade associations) are 4.000 EUR.